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Release the Monkey creates turnkey live communication projects such as trade shows, customer events, PR campaigns and sponsor activations. 

Release The Monkey

B2B Events

In this video, we give you tips on reaching more people with your business event. Offline, and online. Are you organizing an event soon, and are you unsure whether you will get the maximum number of (potential) prospects? Then send us an email or give us a call, and we will take care of that!

B2B exhibition stands

Where are the guts of marketers when it comes to exhibition stands? One of the most valuable media in terms of ROI is mostly transformed into a boring pantry with stools and meaningless slogans. Time to take you into the beautiful world of trade shows with a few examples of how to do it: on and off the exhibition floor!


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Release The Monkey Cases

René van Dijk has been creatively responsible for dozens of trade show participations, customer events, PR campaigns and sponsor activations from Amsterdam to Cape Town and from Wellington to Rio de Janeiro for the past 20 years. Both for his current agencies in The Monkey Network and his former agency Usual Suspects, and the Canadian company Kubik.

Take a look at the examples below to get a bit of an idea of ​​what to expect.

Van Wijnen

Concept and production of two exhibition stands for Van Wijnen at the Provada real estate fair in the RAI in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020/2021. We carry out this assignment turnkey every year: from first concept directions to decoration, catering up to connecting the lighting. So our client can focus on more important matters.


We created a unique concept for this English IoT specialist for their first B2B client event in the Tobacco Factory in Amsterdam. Because the content of the presentations was super high-tech, we came up with a contrasting, custom-made 80s office design on the stage with, among other things, floppy disks as an entry ticket. Production included catering and entertainment.

Heineken International

René created the concept for the internal premiere of James Bond's Skyfall in Amsterdam. He went undercover by watching all James Bonds films, after which he had his vision of the well-known 'villain lairs' recreated in the former Convention Factory in Amsterdam. Including catering and entertainment. Production in collaboration with Usual Suspects.


Schiphol and its surroundings were the setting for the KLM open day for 40,000 (former) employees and family for two days. René was allowed to go undercover in the world of KLM, Schiphol, the Dakotaclub and the Aviodrome, after which he made a long wish list with objects that he wanted in his concept, including two Dakotas, two 747s and an Embraer plane, a fire extinguisher and a tank of the Marechaussee. Production in collaboration with Usual Suspects.


For three years, René developed concepts for Greenpeace (and once for Amnesty International) to draw attention to their campaigns at major festivals such as Lowlands and Pinkpop. Rubber boots with prints by contemporary illustrators, the world balls on Lake Lowlands and the striking crane grab. Production in collaboration with Usual Suspects.


René created extraordinary stunts for Endemol International to claim all the attention with a small budget during the major MIPTV fair in Cannes, such as the wandering 1's and the Fiat 500 with the Las Vegas sign on the roof. But a client event in Cannes was also part of the series of assignments where the colourful posse of Joost van Bellen and Gemma Veel caused quite a stir.. Production in collaboration with Usual Suspects.

LM Windpower

Hoe trek je als grootste producent van wind turbine bladen ter wereld de aandacht voor een nieuwe soort onderhoudscontract tijdens een energiebeurs in Brussel? Op een huishoudbeurs-achtige manier vonden wij. Waar alle stands wit, groen en blauw zijn, creëerden we een bonte stand voor een fictief dat alle aandacht trok, een lach op de zakelijke gezichten toverden en voor een ongekend aantal salesgesprekken zorgde.  Productie i.s.m. Usual Suspects.