Feed The Monkey Subscription

  • Are you an entrepreneur or investor in a growing start-up or responsible for marketing in a fast-growing B2B organization?
  • Do you regularly need a fresh and professional pair of eyes for your marketing and brand positioning?
  • Do you want to strengthen or expand your market position in the Netherlands and the EU?
  • Do you want to improve and scale your marketing for the upcoming growth phase?
  • And are you looking for a specialist to coach you and your team in executing this growth strategy?

Then our Feed the Monkey subscription is all you need!

Securing sustainable change into your organization

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People naturally choose the shortest way.

Research shows that 88% of organizational changes fail to achieve their goals (Bain Insights). Many B2B companies have had their brand and marketing developed by professionals. Still, due to pressure and the many changes in the digital media landscape, your colleagues fall back into old habits, you fall behind the competition, projected growth and sales goals.

At Monkey Inside, we have 30 years of experience with the dynamics in B2B organizations, from scale-ups to multinationals. We have developed the Feed the Monkey subscription, which allows you to catch up and stay ahead of the competition within a few months.

Feed The Monkey Subscription

We developed the Feed the Monkey subscription to embed brand and marketing improvements in your rapidly growing B2B organization.

Does this sound familiar?

  • The organization is growing, but the marketing stays behind.
  • The brand image is no longer actual and competitive enough.
  • There is a communication strategy, and you developed many communications, but the overview is gone.
  • Your salesforce is pushing you to create sales tools, but time pressure results in short term solutions.
  • Since the launch, your website has been getting more and more content and more and more pages.
  • You may have advertised with Google Ads, but you stopped doing that and haven't looked at Google Analytics for a while.
  • You wanted to create at least two LinkedIn posts per week, but you don't, and when you do, you end up with up to 35 likes and 12 comments from the same people.
  • You want your team to be able to work without disturbing you daily.
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Have you checked 3 or even more challenges?

Then our Feed The Monkey subscription is all you need!

Wat heb ik aan zo'n abonnement?

Per month you decide if you want to continue or not. If you are not satisfied after the first month, you will get your money back.

Our brand advisor will discuss and update your marketing strategy with you once or twice a month.

In addition, we schedule an operational meeting with your sales team every month for short term challenges.

We update your buyer personas, communications funnel and marketing planning for the upcoming month.


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A selection of companies we helped to grow their marketing.

What our customers say about working with us:

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Wilko Grievink

CEO / Founder

High Touch Executive Search

Our collaboration aimed to develop a new, international brand strategy for us. What impressed me the most was the way they understood the assignment and the brilliant proposal that followed.

Monkey Inside – Abonnementen
Eric-Jan de Rooij



René asks the right questions and is very creative in his thinking. Monkey Inside has adapted our corporate identity and developed a new book about our company that reflects our DNA in an inspiring and different way.

Monkey Inside – Abonnementen
Marc Huitink


Dockpoint Investments

René is a nice guy who knows his stuff. We participate in a technical company in a scale-up phase, and René swiftly helped us by starting with the marketing and branding and raising awareness about the importance of branding.

Monkey Inside – Abonnementen
Louis Camps

General Director Cluster Living

Janssen de Jong Group

What I like is that René goes undercover at companies. He visited us everywhere and joined our people to get a better answer to our questions. We found the cooperation very pleasant, responses were fast, and René was very helpful so that the process continued to run smoothly.

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